There are two basic components to Search Engine Optimization - architecture and content. Our SEO experts can do a lot to boost your site’s rankings by improving your website’s architecture, but that’s only part of the equation. Content is critical. Search engines are constantly adjusting their algorithms, but one thing that’s remained constant is that they value unique, relevant content, and reward websites that have it with higher rankings.

Unless you run an SEO business, you probably know your industry better than our SEO experts, and so are better qualified to create unique content for your website. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t consult with one of our [SEO]/services/search-engine-optimization-seo experts while writing it. Our SEO experts can provide valuable input on how content should be written. To maximize search engine traffic, the content that’s created for your website must be unique. Posting an article that can already be found on a number of other websites likely won’t do much, if anything to improve your website’s search engine rankings. The content should also be relevant to your industry. Here are some examples:

  • An accountant could write an article on commonly overlooked tax deductions.
  • The owner of a vacation cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia could write articles on attractions in Blue Ridge, GA and North Georgia.
  • A restaurant could post recipes.
  • A Search Engine Optimization company could write an introduction to SEO.
  • A store could post reviews of its products.

Like your website’s mission statement, the content that you write to improve your website’s search engine rankings should be focused. Stay on topic, and the SEO benefits will be maximized.

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