With 9 years of FreeBSD systems administration experience, Matt is able to offer high quality FreeBSD consulting services to customers worldwide. His North Georgia office places him a short drive away from both Atlanta and Chattanooga based customers in need of a FreeBSD consultant. Matt is also experienced with Linux, Solaris, NetBSD and OpenBSD systems administration.

FreeBSD is a powerful Unix derived operating system that, along with OpenBSD and NetBSD continues the tradition of open source BSD systems. FreeBSD is used in many of the same types of systems as Linux, including web and email servers, database servers, and workstations. In the hands of a skilled systems administrator, FreeBSD’s powerful TCP/IP stack is particularly adept at networking duties. FreeBSD was the platform of choice for both the pfSense router and firewall distribution, and the FreeNAS Network Attached Server (NAS) distribution.

Two other popular BSD Unix derivatives that our consulting customers often consider are OpenBSD and NetBSD. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, with NetBSD’s portable nature making it particularly well suited to embedded systems development, and OpenBSD’s secure by default implementation making it a powerful choice for firewalls, IDSs, and other security applications.

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